Sunday 13 September 2009

poor's man CNC hot wire cutter - Updated!

This time I built a computer controlled device that will allow you to cut out shapes from styrofoam boards with great precision.

To make it more fun I tried to build the whole thing by re-purposing scrap parts I found here and there, so I used a couple of scanners, a hanger and a hot wire. The scanners I found them on the trash (officially I will deny that I pick stuff from the trash), the hanger I got it from my cleaning service and the hot wire was 3 euros.

This is the way it works, draw a shape using your favourite drawing software or download one from the internet, just make sure the file is a SVG, because that is what my system understands.

I found myself this nice eagle, which is quite a complex shape as you can see:
And this what you get:

Here is the promised video so you can see the system in action...

Here are some pictures showing details of the CNC