Wednesday 18 February 2009

Making a SO8 IC's breakout board out a stripboard

Hi! I just came across a 1Mbit I2C eprom but neither I had a breakout board nor I wanted to buy one. Also I really like solving problems with the stuff I have at home, so I decided to try using a stripboard, a little bit of inconscience and another bit of selfconfidence. And I made it!!

The images explain it all,

This is the picture of the stripboard with some of the strips cut, also see the red outline that shows where the IC will go:

A IC's close up from the top once welded, I used a lead-free welding alloy, that is why the welds look so ugly, anyway health goes first:

And voila! Ready to use in my protoboard:

No I just have to figure out what to store in it :-)