Saturday 17 September 2011

A Pre Amp for an electric guitar

I bought an electric guitar and needed an amp, I thought is was kind of silly to buy one since I could use my computer speakers. You cannot connect the guitar to the computer amp directly since the signal coming from the guitar is too weak, you need a preamp.

I had a bunch of 741 op amps around and decided to build a preamp myself. I used a inverter amp configuration (quite a simple one) and it worked great. By cranking up the gain by a lot I get a nice heavymetal distortion.

Here is the schematic along with a link to see it running in a free java circuit simulator.

The only problem is that the preamp seems to amplify too an FM radiostation and I can hear some nice music while I play guitar....

At the beginning I thought my guitar was haunted by The Beatles and played on its own, when I hard a kind of a voice I suspected it could be receiving some sort of radio signal.. 

 You don't believe me? Check out this video! 

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