Friday 5 June 2009

A NintendoDS uses an optical mouse as a camera


  1. Hi,

    As I said in a previous comment (on a previous post), I am really interested in your lua interpreter for controlling DSerial. Is it possible to get your source code ?


  2. Not sure if this particular experiment was using the Lua interpreter running on the DS, but I thought I would mention (even though we don't have an explicit port for the DS, it probably wouldn't be that hard to make it go) an embedded Lua project that I've been contributing a bit to recently.

  3. Hey! so yes the NDS is running a Lua interpreter, I didn't mentioned it because I mistakenly thought people wouldn't care... I'll document that and I will try to put the Lua source code available


  4. hi Raul,

    the card on which you roll the optical mouse looks similar to the one from Brussels public transport, STIB?

  5. I developed an optical motion sensor using an Avago sensor a couple of years ago. Adapting a different lens arrangement allows the sensor assembly to be suspended above the running surface by a few inches. You can read about it on my website at

  6. Is there example code/documentation of the mouse interface? Which type of mouse are you using? (Or rather, which chip does it use?)

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  8. This is really a well laid out website. I like how you have presented your information in excellent detail. One use might be to use it as a mouse, but have various colors on mousepad type thing, and move your mouse to launch a program or control music software on a ds, might be a neat way to switch instruments or turn on effects say while the mouse is on red have distortion on and the intensity of the color could be the amount of distortion. This is a beter combine the mouse camera with a micro processor or fpga to track the bands of a low cost interferometer in real time.

    Cecil Mabry
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  9. It is a very interesting project and the result is great looking with what you did, I would love to build, you can give more information.