Sunday 13 January 2008

Rapid prototyping for NDS and DSerial

So here are the binaries I was talking about in my last post.

You can upload lua scrips to your NDS and run them, all via wireless.
Then you can access the DSerial, sockets, save through dldi, keypads, touchscreen...

Examples included:
Robot.lua: skeleton to access the DSerial
Server.lua: a simple web server in a few lines of code
Source code is available upon request.


  1. You are a genious.

    Lua and DS Serial is grat.

    Do you use DSLUA or MICROLUA ?

    How can we have more information about that ?

    Thanks to share it


  2. There is a news hardware for DS Serial "DS BRUT".

    Are you compatible with this ?

    How can I contact you ?


  3. Hi

    I tried your lua interpreter. It seems to be a very nice project which could be very usefull for me. Nevertheless, since I would have the need to add other wrapping functions, I would be interested in your source code.

    Is it open source ? Can you send it to me ?

    Thanks in advance.